Transforming youth lives and inspiring positive change in Tanzania

In Tanzania, young people, aged 15-35, represent 34.7 per cent of the total population (Tanzania Bureau Statistics, 2013).

It is estimated that more than 800,000 young people enter the labor market annually in Tanzania – 14% do not complete primary school, 38% go to secondary schools but do not complete, and only 4% go beyond basic level.

The numbers include young individuals who migrate from rural to urban areas. Yet, annual employment opportunities in Tanzania do not exceed 50,000. However, some of the jobs that are available remain unfilled due to skills mismatches.

AYOI's primary goal is to address this imbalance of education and labor force needs with our "AYOI Model of Training" in conjunction with partnerships to support the education and career development to those underrepresented in the Tanzanian communities.

AYOI pledges to support the United Nations sustainable development goals to improve their community by focusing on programs and career development opportunities centered around:

UN 2030 Goals

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Quality Education

AYOI has an AYOI Model of Training that provides literacy, equality, and STEM courses

Gender Equality

AYOI's Model of Training is intentionally inclusive and supportive of all genders


AYOI partners with companies & incorporates in our curriculum values of sustainability

AYOI participates in Sustainability Week within the Mwanza community. Sustainability week is an annual series of events that aim to empower students to realize their full potential in terms of Leadership, Climate Action, Advocacy and finally become active citizens. These events give opportunity to youmg people in high education institutions (HEIs) to learn, grow and shape their careers, connect with peers and wide range of stakeholders and discuss global issues and ways to address them locally.

Sustainability week events offer relevant skills that directly connect to real life problems. Young people as agent of change need more information in order to make right decision at right time. These events will dig deeper the role of inclusive volunteerism in achieving the 2030 agendas (SDGs).

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As Founder and CEO of Advancing Youth Opportunities Initiative (AYOI), Dixoni started out with a mission to create opportunities where deprived youth start, grow, and sustain their enterprise, while enabling those seeking employment to become professional and productive.

Dixoni is driven by a sense of purpose and a desire to contribute, add value and shape societies. He is vested with knowledge and attitude needed for effective and systematic implementation of professional development programs and projects.

Dixoni and his team have been working with Local Government Authority, CSOs, INGO, Youth, People with Disability, Women and Rural Community in several projects. I have achieved to coordinate and implement several workshops and trainings on empowerment, financial literacy and advocate for 17 SDGs to unlock opportunities for all.

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