Sustainability week is a global, yearly event - these are the details from the most recent year. This event is both virtual and in-person. AYOI has participated in Sustainability Week Mwanza since 2020.


Description: Sustainability week is an annual series of events that aim to empower students to realize their full potential in terms of Leadership, Climate Action, Advocacy and finally become active citizens. These events give opportunity to young people in high education institutions (HEIs) to learn, grow and shape their careers, connect with peers and wide range of stakeholders and discuss global issues and ways to address them locally.

Sustainability week events offer relevant skills that directly connect to real life problems. Young people as agent of change need more information in order to make right decision at right time. These events will dig deeper the role of inclusive volunteerism in achieving the 2030 agendas (SDGs)

Dates: 21st September, 2020 - 24th September, 2020

Objective: To support young people enrolled in high education institutions (HEIs) realize their full potential in terms of leadership, innovation, volunteerism, inclusion and sustainability.


  • Youth Leadership

  • Social Enterprise

  • Digital Economy

  • Waste Management

  • Inclusive Volunteerism

  • Climate Action (EN-ROADS SIMULATION)

Where: Zoom and in-person - This allowed for us to meet young talented speakers from different countries. An opportunity to learn, connect, grow and excel.

Physical Activities for the team at Mwanza included

  • Saturday 19th September-Cleaning event at Igogo Area

  • 25th September-Seminar on Tree planting at Institute of Rural Development Planning

  • 26th September-Planting trees, bins installation and photoshoot at SAUT University.


  1. Build your professional network

  2. Certificate of attendance

  3. Become a member of LSW (Local Sustainability Week) Mwanza