Programs and Courses

In a study released in 2018 by Unicef, there was an identified 3.6 million children in Tanzania under the age of 17 that dropped out of school. Some of the reasons found in the study as to why the students dropped out include but are not limited to distance of the school, confusion or limitations around fees associated with schooling, pregnancy, and bad youth groups.

Combined with the 9-12% unemployment rate in Tanzania, a great need for education and career development was formed. At AYOI, there is a strong focus on tackling these local issues by incorporating the international UN Development goals, pairing that with an intensive curriculum, while all supported by communities and partnerships made by the team.

AYOI is tackling this issue through...

Our community engagement effort aims to develop leadership skills and experience among underprivileged youth to enable those in our programs to solve community problems. We focus on areas of leadership development, community support, problem solving tactics, work and community culture development, inclusivity, work-life balance, and more.

AYOI partners with industry organizations, government entities, NGO's, and our direct communities. We also create relationships with trade agencies and associations as well as arrange industry visits for our students to provide options within certain sectors for potential employment after completing their education or required program.

Our 'Livelihood Training' program is centered around providing the education needed to create marketable skills and experience for the students who were unable to complete school during the standard timeframe. The training provides an education in foundational knowledge like reading and math as well as gain expertise in trades such as Welding, Carpentry, Tailoring, Basketry, and more.

Of the total students trained each year, approximately 60% are gainfully employed either through a wage or self-employment. AYOI is dedicated to creating small and Livelihood Coordinators. Contact us to learn more about our partnership opportunities.

Our training and partnership opportunities are at the initiating phase and are not fully developed. If interested in supporting the development of our on-going program offerings, reach out to Dixoni Emmanuel at and Rolf Pfotenhauer at for additional details on how to partner with AYOI.