As one of the smallest NGOs in Tanzania that works with "out of school" youth, AYOI strongly believes that the nation's strength and future lies in the hands of it's youth. Currently, less than 5% undergo vocational training in our country despite the fact that Tanzania is a country with a large youth population. That is why AYOI is Delivering UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to unlock the growth opportunties for the development of Tanzania and it's global communities.

Meet the Executive Team

Dixoni Emmanuel

Founder and CEO

Rolf Pfotenhauer

Assistant Executive Director

Polycarp Kaijage


Jesca Richard


Meet Dixoni

Dixoni is the passion-driven CEO of AYOI. He wakes up every day working hard to support his students, communities, and the growth and development of Tanzania. With a focus on systematic implementation of professional development programs and projects, Dixoni is dedicated to instill positive change in all he does.

Dixoni has been working with local government agencies, CSOs, INGOs, non-profit organizations, and his own community to support under-represented youth, people with disabilities, and those in rural communities. With care in his heart and a smile on his face, Dixoni is focused on unlocking educational, sustainable, and equal opportunities for all. Connect with Dixoni on LinkedIn!

Say Hi! to Rolf

Rolf is a man who wears many hats and works tirelessly to support education efforts globally. As an Australian Social Entrepreneur, with a background in Australian business, software engineering, and education, Rolf supports the development of research in the potentials of cross-curricular pedagogy involving education, the arts, and computers to reshaping knowledge, literacy, learning and teaching.

His recent experience was to support NGOs (Aasaman Nepal, IFA) and INGO (VSO and AVP) in the development and rollout of educational programs as both a Teacher and Teacher Trainer in programs such as VSO Nepal's Sisters' for Sisters' program (Girls mentoring program at high school) and SFS' Out-of-School program for marginalized girls and boys in the poorest district of Nepal.

This experience was further supported by classroom experience in the country of Lao PDR where he gained valuable experience in english, and computer skills both in-class, and online. He is currently developing an online curriculum for a number of overseas schools including AYOI.

Introducing Polycarp

Polycarp is a sustainable development activist - passionate about environmental sustainability and transforming the lives of youth through empowerment, capacity building, and creating a safe environment where young people can reach their full potential. As a Kagera Region Youth Ambassador, he is leading various programs and projects to create pathways to empowerment and goal achievement for young people in the area.

Polycarp’s experience includes volunteering with VSO ICS in Bukoba under the Improving Child Learning and Participation project in 2018, helping to create friendly environments for children to learn and supporting child protection policies. He has organized and operated projects such as the Child Rights and Girls’ Empowerment Forum in Kagera (2019) and the Dodoma Youth Exhibition Forum (2018), aiming to create new opportunities for different groups of youth such as young people with disabilities and young women. Through these projects Polycarp has reached more than 2,000 youth, encouraging them to become drivers of positive change in Tanzania!

He is the Healthy Safety and Environment support adviser for Tanzania Local Enterprises Development project (T-LED project), A project implemented by Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) Tanzania with the mission of nurturing business growth for Small and Medium Enterprises in Tanzania, A member for National Youth Engagement Network (NYEN) with the mission for vulnerable groups empowerment and youth engagement in Tanzania and a member for KIONGOZI FELLOWSHIP under International Youth Foundation, conducting primary and secondary research to develop case studies on specific livelihoods programs strategies and provide recommendations on youth engagement. Specifically focusing his research on the role of life skills training in youth livelihoods programming.

Polycarp holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Environmental Management from the University of Dodoma. During his studies, he served in the University of Dodoma Student Organization (UDOSO) for three years consecutively in leadership positions, including Minister of Health and Environment and Minister of Education. In appreciation for his impact on campus, the University of Dodoma recognized Polycarp with a Best Leadership Award.

Greetings to Jesca

Jesca is a development practitioner who comes to AYOI with many years of Community Engagement experience. She has cultivated a wide range of experiences working for a variety of CSOs and teaching experience in community schools including expertise in stakeholder management, child protection, youth development, and women’s rights. As a development practitioner, Jesca is proud of the work she has done to further child protection rights and lead various campaigns while she was serving at VSO Tanzania. Her experience and achievements outstanding provided her with the opportunity to work with AYOI. Jesca brings an experience and a passion for growing our communities and is one of the driven supporters of AYOI motivated by supporting and empowering those in the community that deserve to be uplifted and encouraged.