Get Involved with AYOI

We could use a hand - interested in helping?

We’re here for the community of people that we serve. If any support options below sound interesting to you, reach out to Dixoni Emmanuel at for more information or send us a note through our contact us page.

Partner with us

At AYOI, one of our pillars include strong relationships with organizations and partners.

By partnering with AYOI, you will be supporting the educational and career development of those emerging in the workforce. Our course curriculum is designed in keeping the requirements of various job roles that suits school dropouts and are updated frequently to maintain pace with the current developments. We welcome feedback from our partners where it aims at enhancing the quality of training.

We are looking to collaborate with like-minded Associates/Organizations for partnership across the country.

A partner of AYOI would be provided with an AYOI start-up kit, staff training, fundraising referrals and techniques, as well as on-going support. We work closely with our partners in all aspects, conduct examinations, and provide government approved certification. AYOI in return would be able to arrange industry visits for new students as these industry partners could be potential employers of the students that progress through our programs.

We are seeking to Partner with major stakeholders, industry organizations, government entities, and NGO's. We are also looking to include Partners within trade agencies and associations for employment opportunities in the unorganized sector.

Volunteer with AYOI

AYOI welcomes volunteers on an individual or group basis. We also invite international volunteers as a part of their student internship programme. Volunteers can choose from a list of options in which they would like to help our organization according to their interest and capabilities. We welcome in-person and virtual volunteers.


Individuals with a considerable amount of knowledge, exposure and experience are invited to mentor our students. Mentoring may be offered to individuals, small groups and larger groups of students. Workshops, seminars, field visits and picnics are some of the ways in which mentors engage with the beneficiaries.

This is an in-person volunteer opportunity.


Individuals with relevant knowledge and experience are invited to conduct classes for our courses. They may also wish to assist in course and syllabus upgradation as per the need of industry.

This is an in-person volunteer opportunity.


We welcome volunteers to help with website content creation and maintenance. IT support could also include managing devices used within the programs provided by AYOI.

This is an in-person and/or virtual volunteer opportunity.

Marketing and Social Media

We need to get the word out about AYOI! As a Marketing and Social Media volunteer, you will be supporting AYOI with website updates, blog administration, newsletter on a weekly basis. Anyone with a marketing, social media, journalism, or writing experience would be a perfect fit for this role.

This is an in-person and/or virtual volunteer opportunity.


Our wide range of activities calls for a lot of administrative work in terms of resource procurement, purchases, and maintenance. Documentation is an indispensable part of this work. Volunteers will be welcome to assist with these activities.

This is an in-person preferred volunteer opportunity.

Accounts and MIS

Individuals with prior experience, in-depth knowledge and keenness to help in the accounts department are invited to assist in the working of the MIS system and also suggest improvements to the existing processes. For this volunteer opportunity, please contact the Deputy Chief of Party, Rolf Pfotenhauer, at

This is an in-person preferred volunteer opportunity.

Resource Mobilization

This volunteer opportunity involves getting sponsorships for our students by managing partnership relations with corporations to procure funds, training opportunties, and joint certifications for our courses.

This is an in-person preferred volunteer opportunity.


Volunteers are invited to be part of our core team for organizing our various events such as Career Fair and Open Days. Work includes planning, resource allocation, and procurement of sponsorships. Volunteers also play a crucial role in post-event activities. Volunteers for events may also help in organizing field trips and industry visits etc.

This is an in-person preferred volunteer opportunity.


Volunteers are invited to help us with documenting activities, generating reports, and data entry.

For more information on any of the above volunteer opportunities, please reach out to Dixoni Emmanuel at and Rolf Pfotenhauer at for more details on how you can support AYOI.


There are currently no openings for careers but reach out to if any of the volunteer opportunity descriptions listed above sound interesting to you for a long-term commitment and we can further discuss career opportunities in those areas.