Empowerment and Career Programs

Out-Of-School Misungwi District Change Initiative

OOSMDCI is a project aimed to establish a Youth Training Centre to equip students with employable and entrepreneurship skills for out-of-school children, young mothers, school dropouts and graduates who are unemployed.

Its main aims are to address the important issues related to:

  • Skills mismatch between formal education and 21st century skills demands

  • Reduce illiteracy levels among out-of-school youth due to no emphasis on adult education from the education sector and children who have dropped out of school

  • Female students who fall pregnant before completion of their studies are not allowed to return to mainstream school systems. Therefore, risk to girls remains high as a result of teen pregnancy which affects girls more than boys

  • Limited access to financial services, leading to inadequate entrepreneurship knowledge and the necessary soft skills including digital skills and market information to establish small businesses

  • Inadequate decent jobs, and employment opportunities in Tanzania, including corruption during the recruitment process especially sex corruption affecting young women

This project focuses on the above to provide:

  • Access to Quality Training and jobs and Entrepreneurship preparedness for Youth, and Business to main stream including working in Self-Sustained Livelihood projects

  • AYOI seeks increase efforts on providing accreditation to youth who have acquired skills out of formal sector.

  • AYOI seeks to increase programs that facilitates acquisitions of digital, creativity and innovation skills.

Empowerment and Capacity Building

Empowerment and Capacity Building is a 15-day training with our most recent intake of 60 marginalized young individuals including 35 female, 20 male, and 5 people with disabilities (PWD). The training centers around empowering these marginalized groups, creating self-awareness and self-confidence, generating inter-connectedness, and educating on gender awareness between the participants.

  • In addition, Empowerment on Financial Literacy Education training was conducted involves financial Literacy training held in Ilemela Mwanza Tanzania. The last intake included about 80 Youths females, males, and PWD. It aims to train Understanding Family Income, Budgeting, Savings, Concepts about Money and its use.

  • Entrepreneurship trainings was also conducted to train 80 marginalised youth on running a social enterprise, selecting business ideas, marketing, and developing a business plan, entrepreneurship, becoming a successful entrepreneur, marketing and promotion strategies and financial planning. It was a program held in Mwanza for two months.

  • AYOI also creates awareness at six High Schools on Safe and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights in Ilemela Mwanza. Mainly 1500 students and pupils aged from 10 to 17 were reached.

  • In terms of Capacity Building, AYOI managed to have Aspiration and needs assessment held at Misungwi District for one month, meeting with different youth groups and forming 18 groups, empowered to create action plans.

  • Training on Career Guidance and children's right was held in Primary and Secondary schools with the aim of transmitting important information and advice about education, training and work opportunities, writing skills and networking. Also included were life skills training, career assessment and advising, career planning and development, and career coaching services for the children.

  • Lastly, AYOI facilitates and participates in climate action campaigns, environmental hygiene and clean ups. These activities were performed in public institutions mainly schools, colleges and markets.